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      My first love My first Heartache ......Never again


we meet one night from friends i never thought i would fall in love with hem he wasnt regular he was real diffrent he never trusted females so it was hard for us to have good relationship but after a while i was detirmained to be with hem nd if wasnt with hem i atleast wanted to be by hes side but things didnt go as planed we argued alot and becuase he didnt trust me it was hard for hem to belive i loved hem but i did and thats what hearted the must i just wanted hem to tell me hes feelings i tryed my hardest to know how he felt but after a while i noticed that he was in Love with me or atleast Falling for me nd that mad me happy but things didnt go right he would tell me things that make me Love hem but then at the same time he would lie about things the thing that hurt me and are relationship the must was when he started dating another girl and lied to me about it at this point i wated to be done with hem i hated hem with a deep passion but we stoped talking then came Jan 1, 2011 and he decided to call me it had been 2 months since we spoke and at this point i was over hem but when we started talking again it brought back memerios of us so i gave hem the chance but first i needed to know did he love me and as i thought he did love me so what was i to do when the person i have always wanted to be with was telling me he loved me he wanted me in his life but its still stuck to me how he lied how he betrayed me but everyone deserves a second chance but this relationship wasnt better i never gained full trust for hem again and come Feb 21 i was done playing the fool so i left hem............



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