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      Harmonious garden


Hi! By the way, I’m Sarah… studying at quantum. I have a boyfriend name Ken and we are now on our 9 months of being a lover. Well, we really love each other and we thinks on what happen to us in future but before our relationship strong… we encounter a lot of trials and heartaches. And I will share it to all of you… my story goes this way…

I am in my 2nd year high school when I met him…

First day of school is so exciting for me and I walked so fast when I reach the entrance of our school. I reach the building of 2nd year high school then start looking where my name is. After awhile, I saw my name and it was in the first section. I’m so happy that I am in the first section and I’ve seen lots of my friends there. When they saw me inside the classroom, they rejoice and hug me tight. They are so happy that they see me in the first section again.

We are friends and they love me so much. Brian is my best friend and they had a crush on my best friend. Vanessa, Jane, honey and Tricia is my friends… and we are happy to each other’s company. And 4 days passed by.

One afternoon… when the classes are going on… and our teacher on English are teaching to us, the president get inside our room. President of the school said that we have another classmate and he is the owner of our school. Then the president introduces to us the son of the school’s owner. And he introduce to us too his self and he sit beside Fiona then afterwards, we continue our lesson.

After our class, many of my girl’s classmates having a ‘chika’ to each other including 4 of my friends. They called me and share to me about our new classmate. They said that he is so damn cute and handsome plus he is the son of the school where we are studying. They keep on ‘chika’ but me I am just listening to them. They making a humor that Fiona had a crush on Ken because the two are seatmates and they are jealous that Fiona is getting closer to Ken and they can’t stand the fact that Fiona making friends to our new classmates. I am just silent when I hear they’re humor and ignore what they are talking about.

I left them in the classroom and went to the garden. Garden is a harmonious place for me and i want this place. So far, no one there in the garden then I closed the door. I sat on the bench there and browsing my notes. No lesson can’t get inside on my mind and it’s because of my friend’s gossip a minute ago. Yeah~ Ken is really a handsome and he is a rich boy. I knew that many will have a crush on him and they do everything to be Ken’s girlfriend. >Erase! Erase! I said on my mind… why should I think of him?! Duhh!!! Whatever! < Then I start studying again. After 5 minutes, I saw the door knob open and Ken get inside. I look on him and he look on me too. “I’m sorry… I thought no one else here” he said on me then I say that its okay for me if he wants to be in the garden too and the garden keeps silent. He sat on the other side of the bench and studying like me. The bell rang and I get up and walked. “Can I walk with you? If it’s okay to you…” he said and I just answered a nodded. “By the way… I am Ken and you?” “Sarah” I answered. “ahhh… nice to meet you Sarah…” then he smile. “Same here”. When we reach the classroom my classmates shock and also my 4 friends when they saw me and Ken walked together.

“Is Ken courting you?” ask Fiona. I look on her and said “if he does? Any problem?” I said with rude attitude. Fiona getting jealous when Ken close to me. 2 weeks passes by when we know each other in the garden and he doesn’t stop making friends to me. “Yes! He courts me too!” she said. I just ignore her then go afterwards on my chair. Ken is on his mother’s office and we don’t have teacher yet. Ken pleased to our teacher that he wants to sit beside me and the teacher agree. All of my classmates shock when Ken is getting closer to me. They all thought that Ken had a crush to me. But they don’t know that he was just making friends because I’m a type of a girl that is a silent type and a few times that they seen me smiling. In short, I am a serious type.

After our class in that day, I walked alone and going home. Ken called me to walk with me. “Can I talk to you in just 3 minutes?” he asked. “Why?” I just said. “I just wanted to confess to you something important…” “Okay” then we sat on the bench at the corner of the school. Many student there looking on us and I know it’s because the news about him reveal in the school already. “I want to… t-to…” he said with shyness. “What?” my fantastic question to him. Fiona is going towards us and he can’t continue his revelations. “Your father’s car is here.” Fiona said to me. Then I go without saying goodbye to Ken. It’s my nature to be rude on someone and not making friends. My friends Vanessa, Jane, honey and Tricia; they are the one who makes friends to me.

The next day, Ken asked me again to continue out topic yesterday. Then he said that… he had a crush on one of our classmate and he ask for my help to court on the particular girl but he don’t say what is the name of the girl he wants to court. I feel a little bit jealous because in a first place… I had a crush on him but I just ignore my feelings cause I know that he don’t like me but as friend only.

I asked him what is his crush’s name but he said that ‘leave it behind. Just called her mysterious girl’ I am so curious about what he have said then I ask him ‘what would I help you?’ he said ‘Just help me to arrange the garden and make it wonderful’ I curious again but listen to him. We considered each other as friends, so, I need to help him.

We make the garden wonderful and it’s so beautiful. Ken felt happy as he sees the garden. “Good job to the both of us...” then he smile and we close the garden after we make it beautiful. “I’ll invite all of our classmates there in the garden and especially you. I will reveal my feelings to my love one (our classmate) and ask her to court her.” He stances to me then he smile again. “We’re friends right?” I ask him “Of course” he said. “Can you tell me now who the girl that hooks your heart is?” “I will tell it to you later” I just say ‘yes’ then we invite our classmates to go on the garden after our class.

All of my classmates, boys and girls went on the garden and they are all curious. When they are inside the garden they shock and smile because it’s like a restaurant. I don’t see it when we arrange the garden. Ken is a surprises man. He wants surprises and all of us like this. We sat on the chairs and the waiters give us one by one a food. Ken is such a rich guy and what he likes he will get it plus the fact that he is handsome. Then Ken went on the stage but not too high and tell something to us. “Classmates… I want to say something to all of you…” he started. “I have a crush on one of our classmate and I will ask her if it is okay to her that I will court her…” all of our classmates shock and a few later he speaks again. “Can I court you…? Sarah?” then we all shocks especially me. I can’t utter even a single word then he goes down the little stage and went unto me. “Please?” he asks to me. Takes a minute before I answered him. “Sarah? Please?” he ask again then I said “why me? I thought you’re courting is Fiona?” I said. Fiona stands and speaks. “Yeah! Sarah is right Ken. I am waiting you to court me and I thought you are courting me!” she said with an angry face. “I don’t like to court you Fiona! I just see you as my friend and that’s it!” Ken said. Fiona walked outside and angry to us especially to me. Then Ken said… please help yourself… we have many foods here. Then he went on my table and asks me again. “Sarah please?” he beg. “Okay” the only word that I answered on him. Then he smile again and the waiter give him a food.

Ken starts to court me. He gave me flowers and roses and chocolates and everything.

One month and 3 weeks of courting I give to him my sweet yes then he was so happy.

On our 1st monthsary, Fiona gives us an angry look when we dating on the mall where her family owned. We surf the mall and make fun. Then we going home we have a sweet smile on our face.

Fiona gives her best to break our relationship (Me and Ken) but she didn’t succeed. Then Fiona stops her plan to break us.

We are on our 4th monthsary when a girl name Tania interfered. She makes closed to Ken but ken ignore her. I approach the girl name Tania and said that don’t make flirt to my boyfriend but she doesn’t stop then she planned to get Ken against me.

One Tuesday, when me and Ken going home. Tania seduces him in front of me then he said to me that Tania was just making friends to him but he is wrong. Tania said that I approach her last week and that I am angry to her then he angry to me. He said, “what’s wrong with you Sarah?! Why you jealous with Tania? She was just making friend to me and that’s it!” he angrily said to me. Then I look on Tania she gives me a tongue’s out that saying she won Ken. I give her a dirty look then Ken angry again. “Stop that childish thing!” “You right unto her?! Okay fine! Both of you be together!” then I walked alone and ignore Ken’s call. He calls me on my cell phone but I ignore his calling and text. I am not replying on his text. Then I cried because he wasn’t listening to my side instead on Tania. ‘I hate him!’ I will not talking to you tomorrow and I will make you feel that I am mad to you!’ I said as I look on his picture.

When I am in the school, Ken tried to explain everything. I wasn’t listening to him but just keep silence. He said sorry to me and he wants me to forgive him but I was just keep silent and not talking to him. He asks for my friends help but I was just keeping silent. Then I said to him that I want break up. He sad and said sorry.

I was desperate to have a break up to the two of us but he keeps on sorry to me.

Then one afternoon, I saw him on the covered area with Tania. They are talking and Ken looks crying but I ignore them. The two of them look on me when they see me and I passed them by. I feel jealous and angry on Tania. I still love Ken but I think it is the best way for us.

He approach me again and begging for me. He is on his knees when he said sorry then many students saw us especially Ken’s doing. I said to him ‘get up, I forgive you already. Our schoolmates saw us and they are laughing. You look so corny.’ Then he smile and held my hands. “Do you forgive me already?” “Yes” “I love you” he said but I just nodded just to say okay.

He approaches me that why I am just saying okay or I just nodded when he says that he loves me. I keep silence and them my head down. “Don’t you love me?” he said with sadness in his eyes. “I love you but I am scared. What if I lose you? What would I do?” I tell him. “You won’t lose me. I love you a lot and I will be forever yours” he said.

Then after that we agree to each other that we will not going to look on others but on each other.

Thanks for reading on my love story… keep your love one just be in your heart.



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