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      Never date you best friend


NEVER date your bestfriend it never works.

okay so i was in 8th grade and the first time i laied eyes on jt i fell in love with him.jt and his girl friend were having alot of drama in there realationship and they ended up breaking up. the whole time he was hurting i was there helping him. well soon he decides to move on and ask me what i thought if he started dating this girl and i said it was a good idea even though i wanted to be that girl well after him and her stop talking he started telling me he loved me and i didnt even know how much he loved a month later he asked me if i like him and not to lie i told him i did like him and have for awhile i asked him if it was weird and he said he didnt think it was weird at all well the next day we start dating and talk alot like a normal couple well like a month later he pulls me in the hall alone and tells me its weird for him but didnt have the guts to tell me i was crushed my heart droped before he left he hugs me and tells me he loves me?a couple days later he starts talking to someone else and that pisses me off so i start talking to his best me and one of my bestfriends hate each other if i could take it back i would have never dated him we not only lost a realationship but also a friendship


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