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      Oh God


I met her (her name was Chari) in kindergarten, we have been friends for all that time. one night changed hers and my life forever, her parents got killed and she was an only child, she was left on her own, so, her uncle and auntie adopted her, we didnt live very far away from eachother now.

five years later, us both 9, her auntie and uncle got killed. she got adopted by her nana and granddad, 4 years later, you guessed it, they died (of natural causes). that was only a yesterday, valentines day, she came to my house to stay for awhile, I was sitting next ot her, comforting her, everyone else was out, we where the only ones home. we were watching a movie, she turned to me and said "Do you love me?" and I thought, do I? I came to the conclusion that: I did "yes, I do, Chari" then we started kissing passionately for about 3 minutes maybe... coming to the conclusion that I did changed my life, forever.


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