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      I fell 4 a red head


i guess ill start from the begginning

it was 7th grade i saw her sitting in class she had red hair, freckles, and braces i didnt care i thought she was the most beautiful person id ever seen time passed and i finally got the courage 2 talk 2 her we had a very long converstaion and were instantly friends

next year 8th grade were still just friends i know a little bit about her but shes doesnt like 2 share much she likes 2 lock her self in a cacoon and hide i try 2 comfort her but cant get her out

9th grade she starts dating unaware of my feeling 4 her and begins sharing about her boy friends i pretend 2 care and give her advice even though it kills me inside knowing she doesnt like me i go on in pain

10th grade weve grown apart we have a class together(life skills) we almost never talk mostly my fault i was trying not 2 for fear my heart might break

11th grade we have a class together again (us history) we begin talking outside it while we wait 4 a mutual friend 2 come along so we can talk 2 her our friendship is returning

summer break shes dating a friend of myn he starts bringing her 2 church i c her say hey and give her a hug a few months later i enter a relationship at the same time he breaks up with her we begin talking we become close my relationship begins 2 crumble and she helps me tells me she dont deserve me and talks me through it

12th grade senior year a few weeks be for i become single my church goes 2 this corn maze i go my girl friend cant she has azma but im able 2 talk the red head into coming she lays her head on my shoulder during the ride over we reach the corn maze and she puts her arm in myn and proceeds 2 drag me around the corn maze im so happy but know i can do nothing cuz im currently taken and at the time so was she but i dont care we then go 2 the gathering that night we accidently lock hands i break it apart my heart breaks a little she crys on my shoulder that night cuz her current boy friend is a jerk and she basically becomes single i want 2 kiss her and hold her tell her its ok but i cant my heart begins breaking some more

the day it happens i become single my dad comes home scared hes going 2 die and i become scared so i send her a message asking if she can take me 2 church my girl friend gets pissed and accuses me of cheating we break up she there telling me its ok we sit 2gether in church she takes me home

2 days later we start talking on facebook and i ask her if she like me she says yes my heart stops i tell her iv liked her 4 a long time i ask her if she wants 2 go out on a date the next day she says yes my head spins im so happy

the next day the date is awsome we go 2 cookout and grab a bite 2 eat trying 2 waste time until the movie i pay we start talking im so happy we go 2 her sister house she grabs my hand im pretty sure my face went red and my heart races we leave and head 2 the movies my ex sees me there with my arm around her and gets pissed and begins txtxing me she looks over and seeing me upset takes my phone turns it off looks at me and we kiss several times i dont even remember the movie but iv never been happier we go back 2 my house i take her 2 my room we continue our conversation on the couch with her occasionally interupting 2 kiss me i dont mind we go 2 my bed and end up makeing out i ask her if it means were dating she asks if i want 2 i say yes nothng else happens she has 2 leave i walk her 2 the car and kiss her goodnight she leaves i go back 2 my room laying on my bed unable 2 sleep

a few weeks later were in church she takes off my class ring i tell her 2 keep it i try 2 tell her i love her but fail later that night were chatting on yahoo and i tell her i love her and that my ring represents my heart she says she loves me 2 and that she wished id told her in church i say im srry and she says ok im on cloud 9

fall break she goes 2 ohio and i go 2 west virginia she steals her sisters phone and were txting all during break she tells me she loves me and that she wants me im shocked i aske her 2 clarify she says i want u 2 make me urs i ask if shes sure she says yes i tell her ok but that i want 2 wait and make it special

a few weeks later were both back in the same state and were hanging out we go back 2 my house and enter my room she takes off my pants and i take off hers and we make love im a little scared and nervous but im so happy ounce its done i look her in the eye and tell her i love her she kisses me and tells me she loves me 2

a month goes by its an amazing month im so happy her parents love me and so does she

a few weeks later we get into an argument its bad i had skipped class 2 c her at lunch but she 4gets im there and goes into a classroom without me im so mad i dont even speak 2 her when i walk her 2 class i give her a hug and go 2 class later she apologizes i give her hug and kiss tell her its ok i look her in the eyes and tell her i love her she kisses me and tells me she loves me 2

christmas im at her house i have my arm around her but its in the wrong place its out in front her dad walks over and moves it tellsme not 2 put my hand there or hell break it i say ok i end up going home cuz the roads r getting bad she send me a message later that night telling me her dad hates me i ask if she still loves me she says of course i say then i dont care

a few weeks go by were getting in alot of arguments and her dad is trying 2 get her 2 leave me she keeps ignoring him

one sunday night she tells me she wants 2 talk she tells me she cant handle my anger i say what does that mean shes unsure i tell her we should take a break she says ok i give her kiss and tell her goodnight

a couple days later she tells me she likes this guy and had started liking him while we were dating im shocked my heart breaks a little she says shes been talking 2 him im in pain i walk away upset she tryes 2 talk i walk away

a few more days she finally tells me his name its a guy who tortured me during high school im in pain as my heart breaks some more

i quit talking 2 her the guy ends up pissing her off and she comes crying 2 me i 4give her and right her these 2 amazing love letters saying how i feel she says she wants 2 kiss me at lunch the next day i say ok we end up making out during lunch but she tells me we cant start dating cuz her parents hate me and wont let her im crushed i ask if she actually loves me she says of course and something about how she has 2 listen 2 them i walk away in pain realizing i love her more

a few days pass were back 2 being friends as i go on in pain and heart broken she begins hanging with her friend and i hang with me mine

a few weeks later im sitting at home when her friend txtxs me asking if i want 2 go with her 2 the movies as her date with my red head and her date i say i cant she says ok and txts me again after the movie is over and tells me she thinks im cute and that she really likes me i tell her i dont date my exs friends she gets upset and i tell her we can talk if she wants so she continues txting me and begins flirting in the extreme until 10:30 when she finally goes 2 bed

the next morning she txts me and so does my red head asking if i like her friend i tell her the same thing that i dont my exs friends she flips and is like well damn its ok she didnt really like u it was a joke we were going 2 wait until u liked her and say something i flip and get pissed cuss them out i finish getting ready and go 2 church they also come i dont even acknoledge their existense i go down stairs 2 speak 2 my mom and my red head grabs my arm 2 try and talk i jerk away and walk off without even looking at her her friend txts me later apologizing trying 2 say that my red head had nothing 2 do with it i cuzz her ou and tell her and my red head 2 leave me alone i go 2 my room and get every note she ever wrote me and throw them away find all the picture and destroy them the whole time my heart is shattering i delete her fom my facebook friends after sending her a message telling her she hurt me and 2 leave me alone

that night i lay in bed trying 2 cry but cant finally falling asleep

this was my love my life i gave her everything but it didnt matter she took it and spit it in my face she shattered my heart and didnt even care my red head


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