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      Things do happen for a reason


This is just a girl meets guy, falls in love story. What makes it special to me is that up until a couple of months ago, I was convinced I would never find another man to love me, or that I could love, and here I am. Each day that passes, I care more & more, and I am certain he does too.

Although I have known him for the past year, we have only been together for 2 short months, yet, I feel as though I have been with him much longer, and I trust him with my heart & soul. I feel comfortable, and a passion unlike I have ever felt. I can be me....and it feels good....... I am glad I did not turn to stone as I thought I had when Gary let me go........... things in life do happen for a reason. Maybe some of us do have to experience pain, and hurt, to grow enough to be ready to accept that special someone into our lives - for some it happens early, for some of us, we have to wait for the next chapter in life.


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