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      He could have been my husband.


Little does he know that every night i think of him. Everything replays in m head the things we did together what we talked about our first kiss oyr i love yous. Me & my ex were together for 3 years. We were even engaged for one year. It was all good. Our relationship was healthy we made it to everything. His parents divorce and family crisis together. I never thought id see the day where we wouldnt be together anymore. The day where i no longer called him mine. I planned my whole future around him because i thought we would make it long run. He was my life my world and i loved him he had my heart. It all changed last year during Christmas. He started acting strange we were arguing more. I tried so hard to keep us together. Days would go by that we wouldnt speak to eachother even weeks. We were suppose to be getting married in less then a year. One day i went up to him i told him i love you but you have no idea what is going on inside of mine i feel crushed by the one guy that i gave everything to. To a shocker we started hanging out again but then it started being a back and forth thing and i had no idea what to do i was confused. One night i went outside looked up to stars and a tear came down followed by other i said to myself i cant do this anymore. The next day we met up i had to break things of as i was doing that i was breaking down crying i saw in his eyes that it hurt him. We said our final goodbyes. He would have been my husband next month but things dont work out that way in life. A few weeks ago we talked i miss him and he misses me as well. When we finally called it quits everyone was in shock no one believed it. Our family and friends thought we would make it and last but not everything has a perfect/happy endding.


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