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      Still not moving on


I met my first love during summer school and now I have lost him. For some reason he thought that he wasn't enough for me and told me that we shouldn't be together and I deserved someone better and he broke my heart into little pieces.

It didn't really matter to me who's better because I will love him no matter what. A day after we broke up I saw him with a new girl, that is when my heart shattered into little pieces. I heard many mixed stories about him they told me that I didn't deserve him because he cheated on me but I don't know who to believe. It looks like he moved on fast and here I am hurting myself by thinking of him.

I really love him, I thought he was the one for me. When we were going out he actually proposed to me. He told me a story of how this couple met during summer school and now they are happily married. He told me that he wanted our relationship to be like that. What happened? if I had one wish I would wish to be with him again or to be with someone just like him.

I did find someone but I didn't let him in my heart because I was to heart broken to replace him. I didn't want anybody else. All my friends were telling me to move on but I just cant. It is so hard for me to find someone that would love me just like he did. If he reads this story that I'm writing, my message for him is that "I'm still missing you even though its been a long time and we haven't talked or seen each other and you're the only one for me. I still love you and I'm still missing you and still waiting"


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