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      Stupid boy


His name is Liam, we were so close. We meet on a cruise then suddenly realized we werent ever gunna see each other again cuz he lives in New York. On the cruise on the 11th deck he wanted to kiss me but of course he was half drunk so i didnt. I had a bf too. Then, on the second to last day on the crusie he hated me so much he made me cry and i left him sitting there alone at a table laughing. I cryed for at least 6 mins becasue I loved him and I knew I will always. I got his number and we talked for at least 2 months. God told him to ask me out on

4-4-10 of course I said yes because he was everything to me. We dated and I loved the feeling of having him in my mind all the time but sadly all he did was break my heart and said sorry everytime asking for chances over and over again and it got annoying because it just broke every piece of my heart. I got so nervous everytime he called. My heart strated pumping like insanly and that was the day he broke my heart for the 7th or 8th time because he dumped me. My sister ended up flirting with him and i got PISSED!!!! Then we started emailing and i still loved him I even wrote a song for him called "Hes the only one" and suddenly I became more and more depressed with life. I was ready to end it. None of my friends really helped me with my problems all they did was laugh and that made me feel worse. It made me feel like I didnt belong at school or in anyones life. I was so depressed I wrote him letters and one of my friends named Steph helped me with mostly everything I thank her for that. He called me one day and asked me out and I said I dont know and he hung up. I called him back but he never answered. I realized life sucked so bad that i wanted him back but i knew that wasnt gunna come true. My worst nightmare was him leaving me, it came true. I havent been the same without him. I got a email from him and it said he was leaving me for a couple years and he said it wouldnt work out with friendship or dating. I started crying in school and my teacher helped me through it but it didnt help. He said he would contact me when he gets him NYPD bagde im like WTF!!! I miss him but i know hes never coming back even if he said so. I love him ugh!!!!


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