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      Love Is in the Air~This is my story.


A week ago, I posted a Question of the Day asking Zoo World players where they would travel if they could go anywhere in the world. Many of us Advocates have quite a bit of wanderlust, so we were excited to see where every one’s adventure would take them! We received many responses that day and it continues to be one of our more popular QODs. What I wasn’t expecting was that one of those responses would include a love story.

From time to time, I like to check up on old questions to see if anyone new has responded. As I read through the endless exotic destinations, I stumbled upon Jamie’s response:

“I would travel to Europe to meet the love of my life. I met him playing Zoo! Almost 1 1/2 years ago. We chat every day, video chat weekly, and phone calls too! We are hoping to be able to meet soon. We’re both putting money aside for it.”

The moment I read this, my heart melted a little. I was so giddy at the thought of Zoo World bringing together two people from across the globe I had to share this with the rest of the RockYou team. Needless to say, it touched everyone and we all had to know more!

I contacted Jamie and found out the love of her life’s name is Bruno. Lucky for us, the two of them were more than happy to answer our burning questions and share their story of long-distance love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Read on to discover how Jamie and Bruno found love through Zoo World!

First of all, how, why and when did you started playing Zoo World?

Jamie: I started my Facebook account towards the end of October 2009. My niece sent me an invitation to start playing Zoo World not long after that. I love animals and I liked the challenges the game had set for me to overcome.

Bruno: I just started to play Zoo World because of an advert I saw on my wall. I was playing on one kind of zoo already but I changed my mind and jumped into the new one. I turned to Zoo World because that one was nicer in all ways compared to the other, and even more fluent. There were more missions to do and I found more friends of my own. I started to play in the first days of October 2009.

How did Zoo world help you two meet? How did you two start talking?

Jamie: My daughter was playing Zoo World, as well. She was stuck on the insect achievement. So, late one night I went on her account to try and help her. I decided I should try the Zoo chat and ask to borrow an insect. It only took a couple of seconds to find him. Bruno, that is! And the insect, too! Bruno thought it was a child that had entered the Zoo chat and it worried him. He responded to my message in chat stating he would send a Monarch Butterfly. I received the butterfly in my gifts along with a message from him warning that Zoo chat may not be a safe place for a child to ask for help. This made me smile. And something about him caught my attention. And it wasn’t his profile picture, because that was of a character from a French comic. Rather strange looking, too! It was his way of speaking, his gentleness. He was just simply different. He was amazing…. Yes, Cupid shot me with his arrow! So, I signed out of my daughter’s account and into my own. I sent this mysterious Bruno a friend request that stated that who I was. He accepted. I really needed to “meet” him. I needed a reason to start chatting with him. So, I asked to borrow an insect. Funny thing is, I didn’t really need him to get an insect, my daughter could actually send it to me. But, I was chatting with him!!

After you two met, what did you discover was your favorite characteristic in the other person?

Jamie: Wow! My favorite characteristics about Bruno? He is the most unselfish person I have ever met. He judges no one. He is a peaceful person, laid back. He is full of love like no one I have ever met. Bruno knows all of my deepest, darkest secrets and judges me for none. He has helped me keep my head up through hard times. Bruno is extremely intelligent and a hard worker. He works too much in my opinion. I’m always getting on him for that. Most of all, Bruno is honest. Bruno is everything wonderful. I still cannot find a word worthy enough to describe him. He’s simply amazing.

Bruno: Considering the main characteristics of Jamie, I would say, first of all, she is a generous person, she pays attention to everyone and cares about everybody, without counting time even at her accounts. I never thought I would be able to fall in love with anybody through Facebook, and I never thought she would be more than a very trustworthy friend… but I will always remember that profile pic that was hers at the time (a “gone with the wind” looking one, lol) and I did surprise myself awaiting for her to come and pop into my window chat day after day… she is so smart, funny, interesting, passionate and through months, we did discover so many things in common… she is just my ‘alter ego’ in most tastes I can have, in most ways of doing and thinking i can share.

You both are so sweet about each other, do you two have plans for the future?

Jamie: Yes, we do have plans for the future. We hope to finally meet one another in person! We are saving money in order to do this. We have to meet one another…we need to meet one another. There is “something” pulling at the two of us. I find myself daydreaming of this day often. Our love for one another is so strong, it will be breathtaking to bring the two forces together. I can’t wait to be in his arms. Because, once there, I will be where I am suppose to be.

Bruno: Sure! We are first planning to meet as soon as we can. We do have to do it anyway… two magnets with an ocean between, but calling, looking, demanding, praying, loving and caring for each other day after day.

And lastly, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned about love and relationships from each other? Any advice for other long distance relationships?

Jamie: Patience and understanding. Always communicate openly. That other person wants to be with you as badly as you want to be with them. But, life is confusing and throws obstacles in our paths. Just be patient and remember good things come to those that wait. This is what I have learned from Bruno.

Bruno: The most important things I learned from Jamie are Honesty, Trust and Love, all growing deeper and deeper through days.

Aww, a great, big thank you to Jamie and Bruno for answering our questions and sharing their love story. All of us at Zoo World wish you many happy, love-filled years ahead. Happy Valentine’s Day to all Zookeepers — love is in the air!


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