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      Am I just too unlucky for love?


"Love"...just a four letter word that can become so precious.

So important that you even live for it.But guys my advice is not to live for love..but live in love...

Every girl waits for their Prince Charming.Oh when will he come to my life...the one guy who makes you feel like a princess...makes you feels so complete.

My life was just normal till I met my first guy.I met him through internet.Technology can sometimes surprise us.And yes it did.To me eversince I saw his photo on facebook I had a beautiful feeling.We talked every single day for so long.I was like addicted to him.And then on phone.And then webcam chats too.It felt lovely,to have someone to share life.I was so lonely.I dint have much freinds.I was not much a social girl.I was too shy and not so talkactive type.I was a dreamy girl.Just a innocent 18 yr old. I felt so in love with him.Deeply Madly Crazily.

I counted the days and then we met atlast after 2 yrs of internet connection.It was like a dream come true for a while.He was so perfect for me.But I never thought he was thinking the opposite.He liked talkactive girls.And to my disappointment he didnt like my personality.That broke my heart.Later I found out that he was a thalasemia carrier.That meant i was in danger.I hadnt done thalasemia test.If I became a carrier too then what will we do???.But wait till I do the test.I told him..But I was too unlucky.He was worried about that and thats how we broke up.Bitter for me.I later found out he was in love with some other girl.That shattered me so much.I cried for days and I still cry when i feel that.

I will never forget my first love.And lately I met another guy from internet.This guy seemed to like my personality.For him I was sweet and all.We lived in same country.We talked on phone alot.We had a lot in common.We laughed alot.I was so happy I thought thats it I found my guy.Then we planned to meet.I dunno what happend after that.He said he will come.But day after day he got reasons..many reasons...first he was sick..and then he said he was too buxy..and then how do I know..he was still stuck with his past.Later I found out.It was bitter.I said its time to moveon..But he couldnt..I was unlucky again.I lost him too.If he loved me that wont happen that way either.

Then again I met another guy through internet.First we were good freinds.I shared with him my sad love storys.I told I cant trust guys.But he completely changed my mind.We talked for long and he was so nice to me.He even gave passwords of his sites.Which made me trust in him.We mostly had video chats and talked on phone.I really began fallin in love with him.He said he loved me too.He even showed it.I felt his care in everyway.I was so sure he wud be the one for me.I never expected things wud go wrong again.I was so afraid to lose.We were planning to meet soon.But one day the truth came out.I talked with one of his freind he told me he was from some other place and worked in another place.He lied to me to win my heart.How cud he.I wud have loved him the way he was..if he was true to me.That hurts..I cried my heart was broken..shattered for the 3rd time..when will i find peace..i cried into sleep.I got no reply for my msgs..I cudnt see him online anymore for almost one and a half month..I was so sad and somehow acted insane..and craxy..I talked with one of his sister..She said his brother was married..damn what the???I cried even more..that made me go sick.I would never love again thats how I feel..cox every one i loved left..its such a pain..This guy began to talk again lately..I feel strange..mixed up..I cant believe I still am kinda in love with him..But who cares...My heartaches


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