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      An old middle school crush


in 6th grade i fell inlove in band class. i had ALOT of books in my arms so getting a chair was kinda hard and then out of the blue the cutest dark haired and blue eyed guy picks up the chair and says "where do u want it"... at that moment i was inlove. then 8th grade happned, the past 2 years i was just looking at this guy from affar. so i told mi self "this is the year" i was goin to talk to him. weeks went bi and i couldnt do it! so i decided to chat him and we talked! everyday for hours! but then as the year went bi we never rele talked to eachother in real life just chat and suddenly the convos got shorter and shorter. then at our graduation dance at the end of the year, it was the last song. a girl came up to him and they started dancing. i was about to run to the bathroom and cry.suddenly he looked up at me and started walking towards me, he just left the girl wondering what the hell?at that moment i didnt know wat to think. he looked at me and.... at this moment u think hell ask me to dance but no he goes straight in for a kiss. everyone wasstaring then he said that he loved me which was rele unexpected. after that we have been dating for 5 years and we still love eachother. <33


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