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      Its making me suicidal!!


I met my boyfriend, when i was 15 through family. I immediately fell in love with him and i could tell he liked me too. However, he had a psycho girlfriend which stoppped us admitting our feelings for each other..

As time passed on i tried to ignore these feeling until one day i heard that he had finished his girlfriend.

hope and joy rushed through my bed, i couldnt believe that i may actaully have a chance with an amazing guy. We have been in happy relationship for 3 years- this is until i went to uni. I became good friends with this londoner, i loved the way he spoke. We were immediately attracted to each other. We began to see each other frequently and our feelings grew and grew. Before i knew it i was flirting with him whenever we were out. Couldnt help it though i loved his face adn his hot bod. Now im stuck in a pickle as i think i may love the londoner more than my actualy boyfriend. he makes me feel so happy...i think i need to get my head tested as the answer is obvious and should obviously go for the londoner!!!!!!!!!!!


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