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      I loved you:|


i was going out with this lad for 8months, i never felt this way with any other person! i could tell him everything, he was like my bestfriend aswell as my lover, we had arguments mostly but a guess that comes with a relationship, before i got with him i was meeting him, and we had unprotective sex and i fell pregant at 14 i didnt know untill 3months down the line when we was walking pass a walk in center, a month later down the line knowing i was pregant i had to go and have a obortion cause ovs i was too young, but he wanted to keep it but it was a choice between my family and him, i was 3month pregant at the time i had to go to doncaster he came with me and things but, i noticed things change after i had the obortion, but we still stayed together 5months after it, things was going fine but a knew his attitude had changed against me, and i felt like i made a bad choice, but my feelings got stronger for him, we split up and he moved to london, we talked every day for the 2months he was over there texted all day long he was still telling me he loved me and things my heart sank everytime i got a text or a phonecall from him, i was so inlove, he moved back over here and we split up 4days after, they was a girl who was my close friend and a week after me and him broke up she started meeting him and stuff she knew what we had been through but it didnt stop her, but he said he still loves me, should i give up and leave him too it or should i keep fighting for my first love? i was his and he was mine they must be something there for us? its been 4months now and my feelings are still strong for him! i havent stopped loveing him, what should i do? chanell


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