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      My hero


As a result of a traumatic childhood experience I have always been wary of allowing people to get close to me. That was until I met him. His name is now of no importance. But he was the most important person in my life. I adored him, my life revolved around him. Our relationship was tough and we had a lot of things working against us. But still we persevered. We believed in Our love. He was my Soul mate.

With him I was able to express myself without feeling restricted. I shared the secret with him that I kept to myself for 18 years. He was my Hero, my protector the person I trusted the most in the world. And I loved him with all that I had. I never suspected a thing. He betrayed my trust and my Love. He sacrificed what we had for someone who he'd know only for 2 months. He threw me away like a pair of old shoes. I was devastated.

He never even thought I was good enough for a second chance. For months he told me that he Loved me But it wasn't enough for him to stop seeing this new person. I went into severe depression and came steps from harming myself. I became physically and emotionally sick. I tried to analyse our whole relationship looking for answers. He never gave me the answers. I still cry about what he did. I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive him. Funny how hero's are nothing but illusions of our own minds. How we invest all our hopes and dreams in a relationship - and all it takes is a moment for it all to disappear.

I never stopped caring for him and a part of me will Love Him for Life. But I Love Myself more. It's hard to face every new day without him.


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