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      I dont know who to choose


Theres a girl who i love since i was in grade 7, im in grade 9 now, in grade 8, she loved me more than anything like really so much. Then there was a goodbye party for her , she was travelling for good, i was there, we loved each other so much, then at the party i saw a girl and stayed with her all the party, my love got so angry and she travelled, then in grade 9 she was back, so much more beautiful and i started loving her much more, i told her that my feelings were growing stronger, but we tried to start dating again but it didnt work, i think she loves me but she says that we should be friends, but i love her... Then theres around 4 girls that love me and they are special to me and i dont want to lose them, so they tell me they love me and i say that i love them too, now i dont know what to do, i think i love the first girl but i have so strong feelings for two of the other girls, what should i do? The first girl doesnt want me anymore i think, but i want her, i prefer her over the other girls... Please help !


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