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      My skater boy....


So it was the fall of october i was in the seventh grade i was dressed up as a devil and my best friend reena as an angel. I was supposed to meet my mom at my elementary school which was right next to my middle school but my friend reena kept begging me to go to our friend felicias house i didnt know what to do but since i wanted to trick or treat & have fun i decided to go with her. So when we arrived to her house i saw this boy he wasnt dressed up in a costume so my friend reena and i asked him what are you supposed to be? & he just laughed & said a proffessional skateboarder i was giggling in the back. Well when we arrived to the place where we were going to trick or treat i found myself staring at him soon enough he asked me out i said yes i was so happy well i was 11 years old i didnt want to ever leave him but that night he had to leave i didnt want him to leave but he did. I couldnt stop thinking about my skater boy . The nest time i saw him i lost my virginity to him i was so young we were so in love but soon he cheated on me & i called it off i was so heart broken i didnt know what i would do but a couple years past i was in an abusive relationship & he was there to help me we got back together & now we are happy we have 2 years & 7 years of knowing eachother i love him & cant wait to marry him i love you joshua arboleda!!! True love really does exist you just have to wish & continue dreaming never loose hope no matter how hard it is!! But remember to always love yourself!! Highland park,los angeles !! Representing california!!


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