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      The Sweetheart


So I just entered highschool after my first love and I broke up, I met this new guy. who happened to be my bestfriends cousin. Well, he had a girlfriend and my first impression was not the best sadly; but towards the end, when my bestfriend was buying icecream he started to talk to me alot and stared at me. Then, I caught myself flirting with him and having starring contest. :) Finally, it was time to head home and he texted my bestfriend asking for my number. From that point on, we talked everyday either texting or calling on the phone. We would talk on the phone for like 3 hours straight and not get bored what so ever. Then came Christmas, where I knew he was going to ask me out so he dumped his girlfriend for me like two days before and thats when I knew he was going to ask me out. It was midnight on Christmas eve, well I should say Christmas day and he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I told him I will tell him later that day because I didnt know if my bestfriend would be okay with it. It turns out, she was so happy and I said yes I will be your girlfriend at 10 a.m. We hung out the day after christmas at the mall and everything was so perfect. He made me so happy. We hung out everytime we could but I was always hard with being busy in school and sports. But then there was this one weekend we shared which was incredible. He sang me a song called Bleed and it made me cry mainly because, ive never had such a great guy. He wipe my tears away and looked me in the eyes after the song to tell me he loves me and will never hurt me. Were still together and everything is great. Hes always there for me and treats me perfect although he buys me to much stuff. :) I still love him and were happier than can be. I love you Nick <3


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