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      It Vanished....All of Sudden!!


Life doesnít amaze you at times. There are times when you have to write your own love story. The love which meant everything to me vanished all of sudden. The love which was mine and I never knew Öthat it never belonged to meÖ.

I still remember that night when we broke up. Everything was queer. We talked normally, everything was moving smoothly then suddenly he realized that itís time to break up. Itís time to consider someone else; itís time to forget the past. Things were not easy for me to accept such a tragic reality but he left no choice for me. We met through a common friend and fell in love. I took my own time before considering him as my soul mate. We used to fight a lot on each and everything. There was love beyond which I couldnít see anything. He was lovable and I fell in love with him unconditionally and irrevocably. I went to meet him at his place. He came to pick me up. I left from home at night and didnít inform anyone at home. It was a new yearís eve. People around me were so busy in wishing their loved ones a very Happy & Prosperous Year while I was thinking about Him only. I didnít know what will happen when we come across face to face. We were going to meet for the first time in life. Finally, I reached at his place. He was standing in front of me and I was so amazed to meet him.

We talked about our life, dreams and love. My love wasnít enough to make him realize that I would be broken without him. I didnít utter a word to show him my weakness. I was shattered and disappointed. On that day, I realized that Iím alive, still breathing but something has died inside of me forever. It was nothing but Love. My love for myself died inside of me. I didnít have courage to love someone in the same way like I loved him. My love was so pure and clean. My love was above selfishness and foolishness. I loved him from the depth of my heart. He was looking damn cute. He was there to support through thick and thin times of my life. Why did he step back? Why didnít he think about me? I cried for him for more than two years. He didnít come back. He was gone forever.

We tried to be in touch. One fine day, he told me that heís getting married. Once again, I died. I was broken. I was lost. I was feeling blue. I cannot deny that I still love him. Itís been a long time of three years but it feels like as if I have seen him yesterday only. I went to his place and made him aware about our love. I see him in my dreams. I can feel his presence in my thoughts and heart. I cannot deny that I donít have enough courage to move on. I still cry at night thinking about him. I have become practical but thereís a part of me which doesnít want to accept that he has gone. He will never be there for me again.

I always supported him. I always loved him more than he loved me. Iíve lost that faith in believing someone else. I am what I am, not what you want me to be. If Iím not what I amÖthen what would I be? We live life once and we love once. Itís never a second chance in love. I wish everything good for him. I wish him to be happy always. May whatever the circumstances be, May he never sees a ray of sadness, May his world always be enlightened with happiness and ray of hope. I wish for him from the depth of my heart. He was the part of my family and he will always be.

True Love never happens again. He lied to me that he was getting married when he broke up with me. Today, heís Happily- Married. God, I pray to you, if he ever comes across any problem then please send that problem to me. Heís your best child and never breaks him the way you broke me. It hurts and I have realized that it was meant for me to happen this way.

After ever dawn, thereís light. After every struggle, thereís a tunnel, after every suffering, thereís a cure, after ever true love, thereís a feeling which says...Öbring it moreÖmore and moreÖ


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