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      Looking for love in all the wrong places


Love indeed is a wonderful feeling - while it lasts - it all seems so very amazing - the world seems to be a completely different place all together. As if you are in some sort of dream world where no one resides apart from you and your partner. Now the downside. When it all ends it can tear you up, ruin you completely.

I'll tell you a tale of some one I know.

A few years ago - there was this guy who fell for a girl when he was in school. She had approached him, offered him a hand in friendship. He, being nice and courteous agreed but had no other intentions of a long term commitment. He thought of her as a very backward and dumb person. A few months down the line, this guy managed to look beyond her physical appearance and got to know her pretty well, eventually - he fell for her... as time passed... this couple became madly in love with each other === they managed to set an example for people - people would say that this couple were going to be together forever! The guy was dependent on her for love, trust, support and affection. She became his world. or should I say his whole world revolved around her. Likewise, she too was madly in love with him. The best part, this guy to a great extent most of the time was a self centred, short tempered fool, he'd some times get angry and say stuff, she would be patient, never answering back, she knew he'd cool off and come round to her. She understood him.

You know - kids / people are usually very close to their parents, this guy never was, he never felt that sense of belonging and just longed for support. This female gave him everything. Just like some one is addicted to drinking, this guy was addicted to her love. Her best friend used to tell him that if & when u guys break up (which they did) you are going to miss her for the rest of your life. Back then he laughed it off. Now, all these years down the line, she's married and has a kid.

He still has her pics under his pillow. He has moved on to a great extent but a major part of him still lingers in the past. His past is very strong and very powerful. When you break up because of fights and stuff, over time hatred and other feelings tend to step in and you eventually forget. But what do you do when you break up because you have too?

It hurts so much. Leaving that guy was the hardest thing that female ever did in her life, now, they are left alone in their very separate worlds. They are left alone - to suffer in silence.

That guy has sooooooooooooooooooooo many memories with that person. His past creeps upon him every now and then and breaks his heart all over again. he loooooooooooooongs for that closeness.

What should he do?. Don't say forget her because it just does not happen. No one forgets, to compensate for that loneliness or emptiness he has met quite a handful of females. Three of them were amazing. The 1st one was a dear friend who did fall for him, but one day she turned extremely religious and told him to leave her alone. Next he joined college. The other two females come in here. One from his cast - a Pakistani and the other a Hindu. First came the Hindu, someone whom he trusted a lot. She in many ways reminded him of his X, having her around was like having his X with him, two yrs down the line - she ditched him, she broke his trust and hurt him dearly, loosing her was like loosing his X all over again. About the Pakistan female. Well. It so happened he went out with her as well before the Hindu female who was his best friend. He left her.....

This guys life has become a mess. He's been through hell and back. He's lost his rep in college due the best friend who ditched him.
He's now alone, very alone. I see him often and wonder, why do things happen the way they do?.

Some one tell me... why do people fall in love. Despite being hurt one time to many. He still now waits. Waits for that person who's in his mind and his head. Someone who can be a friend to him, someone who will be there for him, someone who'd be around. He does not want sympathy but a true friend and perhaps if all goes well, someone who'd share her life with him.

He needs a lot of love, trust and support. Most of all, I fear that he just might break down completely. Could any of you be the one for him ????? ......

This may seem like a looooooooong crappy sad case story but it's someone's life. It could be me or any of you in his shoes.

Think about it....

(Mail adress left at the request of the contributor)


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