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      I love her 7879


Damn this is a beutiful story and im having proplems with my girlfriend wel was having proplems we dont go out noomre but we only went out about 2 or 3 months i loved her n she loved me to well i thought i did then we broke up when she went to texas and then i told her ill wait for you till you come back and then she came back diffrent she didnt love me noomore that she was tslking to my close friend while she was in texas and then they broke up then she went with my other friend then they broke up then when out with my neighbor was she trying to get me jealous idk but still waited for but no response till i got a text from her we gotta talk i was like alrite then we talked n talked but then she asked to be with me and i wasnt ready yet tho so i said later on in life then she goes out with my friend the same guy she went with the first time she came back from texas that devasting for me cause i asked if she loved me and she said no i love your friend my heart is locked to him and only i felt like crying but no nun came out my eyes just hate i thought i gave up on love for forever but then her friend tells me dont be with her its not worth she cheated on you while uall where dating with your friend and it was the same friend that goes with her now i just felt like telling her how i feel but no didnt have the fucking balls to face her and her boyfriend i felt like killing him and her but no i loved her so much and still do even tho she doesnt care about me not even talk to me lost contact to me she will be my first and last well thats it i guess i have more but dont want to seem like a creeper well yea . :(


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