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im 12 years old im in a private school. i 1st fell in love when i was in 4th grade with a boy named cj . cj lives near my dad and i live with my mom sooo only see him like every 2 weeks. we fell in love while all the other kids were playing hide a seek we would just hide we would go to the shed thar everyone else was scared 2 go into but together we wernt scared of anything. we would sit and just b 2gether he told me he loved me and i said i do to .we were inseprerble untill 1 day my dad got a really great job and we had to move. as we drove away he watched as leave as i looked out the window i started 2 cry. i may b a drama queen but it felt like a scene from a sad love movie 2 years l8er we went tovisitthen i havent seen him since .. now im in a new grade and theres a boy in my class hes namme is brian he flirts with me and everything but wen wer wif friends hes a jerk tthen he tells me hes sorry he asked if id say yes if he asked nme to b his gf i siad mayb but wat di i do hould i wait for the next time i see cj is if every or do i go wif the jerk whoes really sweer on the in side and that i see every day?


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