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i was about to break up my forbidden boyfriend.. yes its forbidden coz i have my real boyfriend and he also has a child but his not married.. its also forbidden coz we can never date in public and we should not reveal it to anyone.. unless were close!!... thought i truly love my boyfriend but the romance between us is vanishing.. well i cannot blame him coz he loves sports.. sports occupies all his time.. but he never forgets to make up with me... we date like the other couples do but we dont have any intimate moments... its been months since the last hot moment together and i wish it will be happen again.. but days and months past our time is very crucial.. his busy and im busy too.. my boyfriend is older than me and i think his sexual urges is not his priority.. and i, im young adult whos love in romance is very extreme..

then my forbidden boyfriend came.. we do hot romance.. i dont know if i love him or i love him because i love making love with him.. every time we make love it feels so unexplainable.. i never felt that romance before.. it seems its my first every time we make love.. i know his good in it due to the fact that he had lots of girlfriends before.. every time we make love i learned new things..

i know its only infatuation between me and my forbidden boyfriend coz every time we make love i always think of my boyfriend.. i thank my forbidden boyfriend coz our sexual moment with my boyfriend is now vibrant!!...

well you can say its a bad bad thing of having two boyfriend.. but for me its good coz the one fills up the lack of the other.. so i can blame myself!! i love doing hot stuff...


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