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i hate seeing my friends who flirts somebody even they are already committed to someone.. i kept asking them why are you all like that?? and they answer well were still young we must enjoy ourselves to feel the SATISFACTION.. okay!! thats so absurd!!!.. then i begun thinking...

i have a boyfriend we are almost 5years together. he gives me everything i want like financially, emotionally, and a good piece of advices. yeah his good, his very kind. but things change when i felt there something missing.. something that i dont know what is it.. then i begun searching for that something, i always go out with my friends, meet new people and go to places.. but there still something missing.. then i notice im starting flirting with someone.. now i understand why people keep flirting because they feel there is lacking..

i met this man by our common friends. i dont like him at first because he seems so arrogant and distant at me. one time he called me and asked me to accompany him in the mall so i agreed.. it starts there first at the mall then at park then we had overnights together.. and we fall in love..with him i felt so new!!.. he teaches me things that i dont know.. when were together i feel the spark between us.. he surprises me always..

he knows that i have a boyfriend whos really in love with me and he also knows that i also love my boyfriend.. so he suggested that we can be together even i have a boyfriend (discreetly)..

then im totally puzzled by the situation.. i love them both.. but things change when my boyfriend finds out that i have other man.. i told my boyfriend "i love you but i the spark between us is fading, we date and we talk but theres still lacking. i told you once that i need to find out what i really wanted then that other man and brought up the spark again. im sorry but i still love you. i never love someone the way i love you"..

i know that with my boyfriend its really true love and with the other is just infatuation..

so i lost the two man i love.. my boyfriend broke up with me and a punishment for myself i broke up the other man.. i felt guilty.. i hurt the man whom who loves me truly..

now im alone...


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