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      Unfair love


I was with this guy chris and we were on anf off for 4 months. I think i am falling for him. right now we are not together. We use to spend time with each other all the time. he has lied to me and let me go. he let me go because he doesnt relationship, but he always comes back to me. I have had a broken heart before and i do not want another one. i have told him this repeatedly and he keeps on telling me that he is not going to me, but he already has multiple times. i am scared to love, i have no trust. i have loves a million times before and i will love a million times more. whenever i am with him i get butterflies and get nervous. no guy has ever made me feel this way before.

the way i am treated is unfair and cruel. he does seem to see the pain that i bare. its has if he does not care. i told him numerous times on how i felt about him, he sayas that he knows but does nothing about it. Unfair Love!


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