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i love 1....2 3 4..5..6 7-10 guys

guy 1. i met him 6 months ago and i walk home with him from school most days, he makes me smile. hes kind of ugly though :/

guy 2. i met him 2 years ago and we diddnt use to get on but now i see him every day and he makes me laugh and makes me feel special when i talk to him. hes quite popular.

guy 3. he is so fit but we never really talk i just admire him from a distance i met him a year ago, i dont think he notices me.

guy 4. i met him a month ago and i think he looks like a teddy bear and i just want to squeeze him hes too cute.

guy 5. i met him a year ago and he looks like a duck and is soo funny, i had a dream that we kissed and now im not sure what to do.

guy 6. i met him 6 months ago and he is super funny we are getting closer.

guy 7. iv known him since i was 6 years old and we really close and i see him every week but we dont go to the same school he makes me laugh and we play fight and flirt our friends say we should go out but i dont know.

guy 8. he hugs me when i need a hug and makes me laugh he can be annoying but is cool.

guy 9. he is really popular and talks to me alot he is really fit aswel and makes me giggle and teases me.

guy 10. i havent seen him since i was 7 but i hope he still remembers me :)

who do you think i should go for out of these?!!!


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