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      Secret Crush


As I`m going through high school, i had a secret crush on this guy(i`ll name him as Andrew) in one of my class. My best friends knows all about this but I always say its only a puppy love and I`ll get over it. Andrew was in most of class I have but we never actually talk, even we know each other. Sometimes i saw him looking at me and we stared at each other for few seconds i finally looked away. His always with his friends and I`m always with my friend as well but I can`t stop thinking about him all day. My friends sometimes thinks that I`m a creep or something like stalker, so one day i finally told my self that I will still love him but i cannot show it. I want to say Hi to him but each time i tried i fail. He`s like a popular guy in school and I`m just a nobody.

So please if you think you can help me. Please feel free, i really need it. I`m still in love with him. He`s my first crush and i never had a boyfriend before. So, it really hurts. thank you


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