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      I will always love him xxx <3


i love him always will.this is my true life love story x

it all stardid when the school took some of us on a trip for 4 days,when we got there we had to do lots of activaties when we got back to our dorms my bed looked out of the window and i was sitting on my bed,when he walked passed i thought he was so cute perfect blue eyes brown hair perfect body he was going to play football in our free time i sat there watching him as he went back into his dorm he looked up and saw me and smiled my heart skipped a beat i smiled back at him it was wonderful

i asked my friend if he went to out school and she said yeah hes like 1 of the most populer people she said his name was daniel what a wonderful name i thought the next day i went up to him and starded a convosation he had a pretty voice our next activatie was surfing and i was really scared because it was in the sea we where wearing a wetsuit it was really unconvey as i got into the water it was really cold but i starded surfing anyway it was fun but really hard then i saw daniel he starded coming towards me he said "looks like u need some help" i was like okay please he took my hand and made me lie down on the surfbored i didnt fall of as much but i did go under the water but he pulled me right back up again then it was time to go back again :( the next day was a free day we chould do whatever we wanted to do as i walked trough the doors i saw some of daniels friends and 1 of them said i know who daniel fancies and i was like yesss i can ask him outt whoo 10 min later he came out of his dorm and i asked him out he said no it broke my heart i walked of tears streaming down my face a few houres later his friend said he fancies someone called katie jack (i know her) i thought shes okay but very up your own #### and thinks shes all cool it reallt hurt to know he didnt like me.

a couple of days later we where back home and in school we didnt talk much after the trip but he starded going out with katie jack and to see them kissing and hugging it really did tear me arpart but after a month or so katie broke up with daniel i was really happy but he was really sad but he turned happy after a couple of weeks

Now to presant whats happning now .... now we speak on chating sites and even speak at school sometimes its brilliat we get on really well and even like the same things i hope 1 day he realises how much i love him ive liked him 4 over a year now and its had its ups and downs i cant wait for the future i hoped u enjoyed this real life love story in 2010


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