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      Kyle and Anna in Los Angles


Kyle Haroldsen and Anna had the same bowl of soup in Los Angeles Kyle posted that Kyle was widowed 6 years ago because my wife Tami got brain cancer. On January 15th, Anna contacted me. On January 17th, they first met each other at the Greek restaurant in Chicago. they wore a blue shirt with white vertical strikes. Kyle asked Anna whether she liked him. She answered him by her sweet voice. She asked him to google the song "Stay (Cinderella 87)." Yes, her voice was sweet to sing. They kissed each other - that day marked their anniversary. Perfect moments. Kyle told her that he has not had these perfect moments for a long time. Kyle loved her at the first sight.

*** Kyle bought a sterling necklace with a pearl to give to Anna on the occasion of Valentine Day.

Anna knew how to sing, to play piano, to embroider, to cook. On February 18, they met each other. She bought me a white shirt with verticle blue strikes and a perfect tie and a wallet carved my name KH. She has good eyes in choosing clothes that do not make him look unprofessional. Kyle bought her a necklace. It was so sweet to put on her neck. Kyle took her to Navy Pier. He loved her so much.

And on February 23 and 24, Anna flied to Los Angeles, CA to be with Kyle. They were together. She is so beautiful in and out," Kyle said, "we had the same bowl of soup together."

On the night of February 24, Kyle took her to the restaurant that is opposite to the Universal Sheraton Hotel for dinner. Anna asked the pianist to play the song "Romeo and Juliet." Then she sang this song him.


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