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when i went to colg first time i never had a girlfrnd till dat n i found 1 quick,we both enjoyd a lot but after 6 months when c dumped me i was at my was first time for me n i think she was pro in flirting. I never beleaved in the flirting thing. We never wanted to marry each other though when she left me my fillings for her grew day by day,i tried a lot to get her back but i couldnt. I got over from her in a couple of months time n realized it was not love. I missed her so much coz the place was empty n started flirting not looking fo anythng serious. I changed my galfrnds often after dat n i used to share everythng realeted to these tings with a frnd of mine who was in my class. Not good looking but class topper. Though i was a worse in studies we were very good freands.

We used to talk hours on phone as freands n after a year i found my self very much in love with her,c was just perfect for me in every way. I praposed her,c refused coz she knew me very much. I tried so hard to get her n aftred about 6 months she said yes. I was at the top of the world n i enjoyd the time with her a lot.i knew this is it,this is what i was looking for,i had found my real love.but after 6 or 7 months things were slow again. The girl whom i used to call everytime was now iritating me by every text n call. Though i never let her know anythng n did my every duty well. We just broke up few days ago for no reason. Nobody dumped no1,we just ended it. I dont miss her. Im happy. I always thought im lucky dat i found true love of life in her now i dont feel lucky. I never figured out what is love. Im watching for a new galfrnd now. Just flirting in good faith.


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