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a girl never believe in love bt 1 day suddenly love came in her life and change her life , he fill her life full of happiness really . girl is 18 and boy is 26 . a boy proposing a girl at dark nigh then she say yes , both r happy and all time boy looking girl n girl really shy bcoz its happen 1st time in her life . boy makes many promises and say trust me i never leave u alone . so she believe him and say im with u 4 life time . one thing is good on boy and that is he never try to missuse of that girl not even kiss , hugs ect ect . a girl really loved a boy and she dreamed about there marrieges and 4 better life . bt she dont know that wht he think about there relationship . she badly in love with him . he give a call daily to her and girl also call him and talk many times . between them everything are present like laught , happiness , missing and loving each other , emotional , understanding everything are there . he doing good job in mumbai and a company send him dubai for work . after 5 6 month he send a message 4 girl that he want to break up that time she cry a lot . he take decision alone how can he do this ? this is not right way bt then also a girl not believe on this bad news . she try many time to talk to him bt she failed and she cry a lot every time , she never imagine this really happen with her . she want to ask this question that y u do this wht can i do wrong with u if she do mistake tell her then he tell that she find another girl . this is not true he lie to girl . then boy going to dubai and girl alone and saddy . she realize after boy going dubai that how much she loved and missing him .

after 6 years she till missing that guy and only love him more then anyother things in this world . she miss each and every moments spend with him . may be boy forget girl now but girl really love him . she try to 4get guy but she cant 4get . nobody believe this , some tell attraction some tell this is not love . so reader tell me what is called true love ? plz help her. she is marrieged now but till she is waiting for him . she not loved her husband and u know that only one time we can do true love . she really waiting 4 him and always pray 4 him . plz help her and reply . she need help now .


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