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      My dream


Well where do I begin.

We meet on the internet of all places. The first time I saw his face I thought to myself 'what I am I getting myself in to'. Days passed and soon I had given him everything. 3 days after meeting Joe I was in love for the first time. I had liked other guys and had thought I had loved them, but I hadn't. I know I loved Joe because he had my heart. It was like we had know each other forever and shared a million lifetimes together.

Everyday I felt that thru my whole life every step I took was a step towards Joe.

Soon our romance took a turn for the worse. Joe had lost his father the year before we met and his emotions were locked inside and he soon pushed me away. I was hurt and I tried to be understanding.

I sent him letters and teddy bears, but all to no avail, I thought. One month went by and I received a call from him late at night asking to see me. I went and saw him. He looked so much the same and I realized how much I loved him still, more than before.

He asked me to be a part of his life again, I said 'yes'. Everything was wonderful for a while, the passion I had always wanted was here in my life. Soon we began to drift apart again, and I let it happen.

Now, each day that passes, in everything I do, I think of him. The life I've always dreamed of... is gone.

I hope and pray that love and faith will bring us together once again... but this time for keeps.


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