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      Samuel & Mike


I dont know any of your views on homosexuality, but its as real as you and me, we are no different and we feel just as much as anything else. Here is my true un exagerated story.

November 2009, a hard time for me for many reasons, my friends decided to take my abandoned self out around manchester, England for drinks to cheer me up being the emotional state due to family reasons i was in.

After a few too many around 3am i found myself walking off crying on my own just walking to knowhere rather drunk, it began to snow and all i was wearing was a shirt and pants i walked past a pub with a crowd of lads outside having fun i ignored them and dryed my eyes, however a voice shouted after me asking if i was ok, i ignored it and continued then i felt a hand on my shoulder and that was the first time i looked at mike i just shrugged him off and began to walk faster away and told him not to worry.

By this time i had walked a fair bit and the snow began to stick and i was getting more and more freezing,i found myself sat on a fountain in Manchester town centre just staring at the floor emotionaly drained, a lad was stood behind the fountain and came round the side sat on the opposite side i got ready to walk away then he said are you sure your ok, it was mike, he had followed me to make sure i would be safe i couldnt do anything but cry and shake my head, he scootched closer and put his arm around me, i remember being so comfortable with him i just wept, then he made a few compliments which made me smile we laughed and hugged for what seemed ages, it was the best night i have ever had i felt something amazing, we spent the next two days together in each others back pockets so many dates endless chats and before we knew it febuary had hit.

the snow by now had obviously melted away as that night in november it did not stick, now this night in feb 2010 the north west was struck with huge amounts of snow, and it was weird as this night we confessed how much we were falling for each other, this was it the next step but i was in for a shock which hit me so hard, mike had fallen for me yes, my soul mate however he had not been honest as he was afraid to loose me, he had been planning since before he met me to move to peru for voluntry work, i culdntloose him, i spent so much time down in the dumps nothing this good ever happens right? so the last time i saw him we were sat in a bar before he left i had a little tear and we just held each other, mike left and i had no means of comunication with him, i was depressed for ages the snow had gone also, i thought about him so much.

i had lost the one man i ever actually loved.

Mike came back not that long ago november 2010, i had no idea i had not been in touch but he searched for me and finally found me, he emailed me monday the 30th of november 2010 and as i recieved it, it began to snow. i guess were back on track :)


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