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      I dont even know how to title this </3


i met him on the frist day of grade 8 he was like my true love, he did all the right things, made all the moves, i was in love. Then things seemed to happen fast, he fell totally in love with me but got tottaly obessed, he did other things too, alot of things, like flashing other girls doing things that i never thought he would do, i found myself mad as hell at him, deleted him from my life, but then my sister wanted to be the mean girl she always is, and decieded to start talking to him, she didnt realise how much this hurt me, as i tryed to keep pushing him away. i ignored him everytime i saw him,but then i got to the point how i would walk into my sister room and near see them kissing or leaning in, at the point i was falling for him AGAIN. later one that night my sistet told me he tried to kiss her, he pulled away but it doesnt matter she should have just ripped my heart out right there and put in on a plate. months went pass and we got closer again, i know after everything i found the way to forgive him, shortly enough we started likeing each other but then he says sorry im in love with this other girl, that night i think i cryed the most i have ever cryed. we were stilll friends after this but we werent that close i fell for him once agaiin, i know, what was i thinking but wait there more, then he it totally heart broken because he finds out his girlfriend was cheating on him, so i was being th nice friend and comforting him, the ended up having a massive fight and braking up, so then yes once again he played the right cards and im onced again falling head over hells this time, and then a month later, "(L) chole" goes him his name, and once again fullly heart broken, he had a girlfriend again, seems like i was just his girl he would call when he didnt have a girlfriend, so blah blah blah they broke up, then were online at least everynight flirting heapss and as you guessed i was the idot that fell for him, we both went to a party together that friday night, we where out the back hugging and holding hands with a few mates, and as he held me in his arms i felt like nothing could come between us, like this was the time that nothing could go wrong and he told me he felt the same, we got close and i fell inlove AGAIN for the 12th billlionth time, and then he tells me im the type of girl he would waant to be with forever, the one he would want to marry, he tells me he like this giirl and is going to ask her out not me, as i sit here crying in my room , i realise what was i thinking? look what all hes done? hes not worth it, but then i realise, im in love with him, fulling inlove and there nothing i can do, he doesnt seem to care about me, nnot even a little bit, my friends tell me i can do better but... i dont want to, i love him, but i know hell never love me back, i guess this is just a heartache story, </3


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