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      I didnt understand Him


Im female, Young N pure. I hav Never Bein In real Lov Until I met Dis Guy. Ppl Used to Say he is a Flirt. i only Listened To him, never Beleived anyone else. i Loved him a lot, n shared Him evrythn. what is beleiv is dat he actually never Loved me.. i feel he isnt happy? he later On Dumped me wid no reason. but he calls me evryday, msg me al de tym. i never understood him. What I kno is my love for him is tru. although he never loved me.. dats what i beleiv Until now.. after some months i met him online.. n he told me dat he is in lov Wid his ex.. he used to say all de tym.. befor also, dat he love his Ex a lot. now they r planning to get Maryd soon.. i saw them together one day.. i was cryin inside for him.. i cusnt see him wid some other women.. i was angry for leavin me.. but he never stopped callin me. i was tru in Lov. i used to meet him. i cudnt stop him. he used to touch me. we never had Intercourse.. dats what he wanted.. but.I love Him then n today. n forever.. im tryn To move on.. dats what all my frnds say.. what do U guys say abt dis? I jus wanna kno IS whether he is true O nor?


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