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      What i suposed to do?


im 25 female... deeply inlove with married man... i know its not a healty relationship but we are love each other almost 1 year.. his relationship wit his wife is really bad...he have 2 kids... she studying n no time for fly...she always in bad moood.... so he wanna find the grl who really can tc him n his kids.... so he chosen me... before he proposed me i fallen to him already but tat time i didint know he is married..then after he xplained to me i ecceptd him just after 1 month....1st few months its just like a others lovers we were out for date, cinema, dinner after tat we are getting closser n closser until we had sex.. that time we were in room with colleges actualy aour plan is watch world cup but it turn to incident wen my collgues leave us n went back early... he was drunk so i accompany him... then that thins happen between us........

after that we get too closer n our relationship is in very good condition n i feeled like im the 1 who happier in this world... recently she went to oversea for study purpose n return back after 10 days... he the 1 who tc ih the kids...n i just let him to spent his time to his kids... after she return he changed alot...les talk...les meet n some =times no reply for my sms.... i get to know from his staff tat she is pregnant 3 months...but he didint tell me anyhting bout it... now he totally changed......... i love him badly n icant stand... realy my heart broke..... he called me talk to me as ussual.... he ask me to wait 1yr n he wil talk wit my fly.... but i realy confused.... i love him.... i feeled like i wouldnt be nothing with out him.... readers plz......hepl me


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