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      Love of beauty.


I am a lover. through and through. if i can give a little bit of love to people, even as simple as a thank you, or a tip or a smile, it makes me happy. I think this is why I have always had women in my life, my closest friends, and of course lovers. because I know how to love them. make them laugh, treat them tenderly, even when I was afraid of being hurt, i love them anyway. some people believe in this one great love. I believe in great loves. I believe in beautiful moments. looking into their eyes and seeing the beauty behind them. the fragility, the honesty, the vulnerability. I love easily. Im not a liar or a cheat, a one night stand cowboy or someone who needs to concor as many girls as they can so they can feel like a man. All I want it to hold a beautiful woman in my arms, make her feel safe, loose myself in her and set her free if she chooses so.

my last relationship lasted exactly three years. it was sweet, and kind and full of love. a lot of people would have said that she was the one. what I would say is that you can have many ones. I loved her. but I had to let her go. she doesnt know it yet, but it will be what makes her whole. people always talk of love, but I think loss is just as important. love without mutual respect and trust is very painful. if you cant let someone be who they are, and love them for who they are, then you shouldnt be with them.

so, here I am now, an idealistic lover who would rather sleep alone than tell lies. Women are like fragile flowers, they love to act strong and uncaring, but they are rivers of raw emotion, and should be treated with care. i just like to look after people. if a girl makes herself vunerable to you, and you hurt her, trust me, karma will kick your ass.

I met a girl last week, we had a "before sunrise" style stay up all night talking/kissing - a not date date that turned into something more - it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. thats exactly where i want to be, lying in bed as the dawn breaks, lost in the embrace of a beautiful, intelligent woman, this is where time stops. I think that when i finally do leave this world, those quiet moments, shared with a lover will be what flashes before my eyes. those are the moments I live for.

these are just my thoughts.


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