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      Whatever i do, it hurts her..


We were young.. about 8th grade. I had three classes with her. she was cute, pretty, funny, popular, hot, and smart. the best you can get. i had art, gym, and history with her.. im gym on time, we were playing a soccergame. i was up against her and of course i was going easy. she went to kick the ball and i pulled it away.. she fell. I felt bad but i didnt want to help her up. it would look like i liked her. she got up off the floor and walked to the other end of the feild. in art class she was walking to go get some paper.. i bumbed into her inbetween two rows of desks. i opened my hands out for a hug but she seemed to go right through me, walking by like i wasnt even there. i ment to walk to once i saw she wasnt accepting the hug but i accidently tripped her and she fell.. in geography we were making t-shirts for sprit week. tie-dying and stuff, so i was putting the die on my shirt but my hands slipped on the bottle when i was squirting it and it sprayed her in the shirt.. whatever i seem to do i seem to hurt her. when we were little we were like best-friends. ive been to her house, shes been to mine, but i think she hated me. then the next three weeks she completely ignored me. i loved her, and i thought she liked me. but she got a boyfriend. then i got a girl friend but then we broke up shortly after her and her boyfriend broke up. soon we found out my X and her X got hooked up.. so we finially began to speak, i explained to her how those were accidents and we became friends again but not as close as i wanted...


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