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      For u xx


it started of just as friends,then we would met up in serect from everyone,we always had fun but both agreeed it wasnt serious.i did my thing and he did his.this contuined for nearly 3 years...then i went away for a month,the night b4 i felt he booked us into a fancy hotel and told me HE LOVED ME...i was very much in shock...but left for mt travels,and taught bot him every mintue,we texted and rand each other everyday...then i last 3 days i was very sick and when i came home went to the doctors thinking i had a bug,i was told i was pregant..i was in shock..telling him was so hard because i didnt no what i wanted..he struck by me through a very hard pregance..then i gave brith to our beautiful daugheter..right then i seen the look in his eyes he was so proud,i started to shout I LOVE U I REALLY LOVE U..from that moment our life started together as a couple ans as a family..its the best feelin in the whole took having his baby to realise tat i did love him.and ill never stop lovin him,our baby was one yesterday,and he spoiled both of us rotten..he is the best father in d world to his daughter and my best friend and my true love...


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