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      He likes me,I love him...He has a girlfriend


It started wen i started high school I met him in the school bus,he was just a random guy I met he was really cool so we became friend. We were really good friends then we started a joke that we were married it was nothing at first but then he started to act different he put his arm around me a lot and he called me more then before and I started to like him more then just a friend.That was my first mistake I thought he actually liked me but I was wrong.He kept a lot of secrets from me and told them to my best friend.One day I was talking to him and out of no were he said "wait a sec my girlfriends calling me" I said ok really fast and waited wen he came back he said he had to go.So after that i called my basest friend and told her what i knew and she said "oh I know I knew a long time ago but he told me not to tell you" I got really mad so i yelled at her and said that way dint she tell me anyway she knew i liked him a lot and she let me keep thinking that he mite like me.And up until today I keep thinking way dint he want me to know that he had a girlfriend. Oh well there are things in this world that ill never get.


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