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      Why doesnt he wont me


I dated this guy for almost 2 years. we hardly fought. we hung out everyday. He wasnt just my boyfriend he rly was my bestfriend. everyone use to tell us how jealouse they were because they wanted love like ares. i honestly thought we were perfect togather and extremly happy. He told me eveyday how much he loved me and i could have swearn on my life he ment it. He was such an amazing guy i use to always ask my self what did i do to desevre to have him in my life. he would never cheat he just treated me perfect. out all the sudden he brakes up with me. i cant stop asking what i did? i thought we were so happy . we were happy. i lost my viginity to him and he lost it to me. he wanted to marry me ,what changed? he wont even look at me now. He likes every girl besides me and im stuck and cant move on cause i want him more then anything.


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