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      I love u


im crazy about u my heart full of love said as i looked at him without stopping i couldnt tell those words to him just maybe because i was so deeply hurt . everyone tried to hurt me especially my mom and gmom since they knew how deeply in love i was with him they hated it i was so sad that one day i just felt like dying without him .itried by putting the pillow on my facetrying to stop that one thing that was making me live but i couldnt because those words i love u just repeated in my heart and then i stopped trying and i ran to his house as before i could ring the bell the door opened and we both collided then i dont know how but our lips were locked he held me close to him and we were kissing so passionately that i forgot my worries .when we stopped at last the words i love u came out he too said the same i was happy and content and how much ever my mom scolded me i did not care .after a few years on my 17 bdaymy mom decided that i had to go abroad and stay there until i forget him but i knew i couldnt she forced me alot and i had to go then in the airport i saw him he smiled at me and said i love u i wont forget u that was the last time i saw him .i knew i couldnt live without him and i knew he couldnt live without me but i worked harder and harder then after 7 years i got a letter it was from him it said how r u ? i miss u a lot i own have my own company here in india wat about u .i was very happy i flew to india and i met him in the same park where we had met he looked at me and said u have become so beautiful i blushed and said i love u our memories have made me beautiful will u unite with me i dont care if my mom dosent agree with the marriage he just turned away and gave me an invitation card it was his marriage the girls name was riya i was shocked and helpless i just ran away from there .i cried a lot the next day was his marriage i went dressed in a beautiful ghaghra then i was standing with my friends waiting for the marriage to start when he appeared he looked so handsome then the pandit told please bring the bride then he got up came to me took my hand and married me i didnt know what to say .then i remembered that my childhood nickname was riya and then he told me that my mom had agreed for the marriage the day i left to usa she wanted me to achieve sumthing thats why she hadto separate us i was very happy then but now as i look into those closed eyes to which i am saying goodbye to just after 1 year of my marriage i am really sad those words i love u for the last time never came out again.


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