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I met him when I was pretty young, He was amazing. I felt horrible because he was my friends boyfriend but she didnt treat him right and dumped him. I was always there for him when he was sad which I guess made him consider me But when I first saw him with her I felt like love at first sight existed. He finally wanted me and it was a day before valentines day I asked him to wait to ask me out on Valentine day so I could have that as our anniversary and he did at Midnight. We hung out that day and he gave me a necklace and i gave him chocolate and we went swimming, It was amazing because I really cared about him, that night I was on Facebook and he wrote me a poem all on his own. It was about how he will always be there. In less than a week we knew it was love and he told me he loved me I told him later in the relationship I loved him, So now we were perfect and it was my Birthday, He ran at 3 a.m. from his house to mine just to see me and give me a kiss this is when we made in officially to my friend we were dating and she wasnt mad, unfortnally, lots of people didnt want us together but It never stopped us. We shared so much. One day we were at the forest persever by our houses and we found this spot we called ours we walked in the water barefoot and didnt care what people thought because we were happy. He was there everyday for me and always made me smile, Then i entered Highschool and we promised to stay together But what we had didnt hold up, we ended it and got back together but only for a week. Now hes with someone else happy, Im happy for him but Its true that I do miss him and love him alot still, we hardly talk but I guess it wasnt meant to be. He was my first love and Ill never forget it.


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