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      Learning through pain


Two years ago, I became infatuated with a wonderful guy, a wonderful guy who, unfortunately had a girlfriend. This wasn't a big problem for me, though, because I thought I could break them up.

Although their relationship was already on the rocks, my interference played a big part in their eventual break-up. We began dating right after that, with me not caring to flaunt it in his ex's face. She responded as anyone would - with spite and anger. I thought, "get over it!" I thought wrong.

After 2 years, our relationship has ended and I am now beginning to experience just a part of what I put her through. He doesn't have a new girl just yet, but I am slowly being replaced by new friends, new interests. And it hurts. Really bad. I can't begin to imagine what I put her through and I regret it more than anything else.

Through a lot of prayer and studying of God's word, I am doing much much better. I know everything is going to be okay. This has even been a learning experience - I know now that you can never judge another person until you have been in their shoes. I just finished a letter of apology and request for forgiveness.

I hope and pray that it will be accepted.


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