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      Long lost love.


I was 15 and he was 18 we didnt know alot but we knew from the moment we saw eachother that it was love. I was the new girl in church and he was the pastors son. After a year we started hanging out, he came over to my house many times most of them in the middle of the night. We used to lay down on my trampolin and just watch the starts and the sun rise. The way he hugged me, the way he kissed me made feel like i was the only girl in the world. But after a while all the love that once made us feel good about eachother, turned into jelousy and hate. We still loved eachother but every little thing was an excuse to fight. He wasnt a very faithful man, so i found out that he had cheated on me with a friend from school. It was heart breaking but i loved him and i just wanted to stay with him. We decided to break up. After 5 years without talking but always seeing eachother in church brought us together again, but now i was engaged and he was too. My heart was pounded when he touched my hand to say hello, when he hugged me to say goodbye. I went to Brasil because i thought that it would help if we stayed away from eachother a little while. I couldnt help but think about him 24 hrs and talk aout him untill he called me and said that he couldnt live without me and that he was going to leave his fiancee to stay with me, i told him the same thing but little did i know that all the love story was going to hurt me even more in the future. I came back to America and after talking to him and hearing his voice telling me tha he loved me and he was going to marry me he stopped talking to me. Out of nowhere he turned his back to me. I broke up with my ex fiancee who was the prfect guy that loved me with all his heart. So he stopped calling me making me feel broke inside and i just wanted to die. After 5 years loving him and i thought that he was going to make me his wife like we always talked about he turned away and got back with his fiancee. They are now getting married and i still have to see them every sunday in church together holding hands and he still doesnt talk or look at me. I still love him and i always will. But i know that God has a special person for me and that im going to be very happy one day.


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