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It was my sophmore year and i met this guy. i thought he was perfect. Nothing seemed wrong,but there was one thing. he had a gf. so we could not progress. we still did hang out and what not but on the down low. well one day i found out his gf was moving away to mexico and i thought here was my chance. so once she left we started hanging out and being with each other even more. well i thought everything was working out. he told me they broke up and that we could be together. so i believed him. one day before we went to school i went to his house so we could hang out. i sure got more then i expected. i lost my virginity to him. i thought i loved him. i thought he loved me. but then weeks later his friend told me him and his gf never broke up. i asked him and he said that was true. i was so hurt this guy meant so muich to me and he just played me. i will always love him.


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