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Follow Africans itís very import that we preserve our environment by planting billions of trees. Iím very much aware that most of us Africans use firewood and charcoal as a source of fuel. On African continent we are millions of people who have different challenges like diseases, famine, poor roads, illiteracy, child mortality, lack of factories and industries and poor health facilities. If Africa is to ask for aid let it be about very important things which we Africans cannot afford. Things like Machinery, Medicine and latest technology but not planting trees.

When you keep on helping someone in almost everything, that person will become very lazy and even forget everything about his responsibilities. He will soon turn that good gesture into his right and a duty for whoever is helping. Some of the countries which are helping Africa have poor soils, bad climate like in winter season but they manage to feed themselves on top of feeding very many communities here in Africa. Why should we keep on begging for food when God gave us the best climate in the whole world and blessed us with good fertile soils. This is a shame! Why should we die of famine? Instead of people who have bad climate begging for food from us itís us who are begging food from them. How can God be happy with us? Instead of us using all the resources God gave us for the development of Africa, we are busy destroying everything. We are busy fighting each other, creating more conflicts, importing more guns instead of tractors ,harassing brothers & sisters, the rich exploiting the poor, when shall we ever be tired of fighting and chaos? We must remember that God is watching while other continents are rightly despising us! Most of the animals in national parks are more united and living in harmony than some of the communities in Africa. There are no animals which have ever sat and planned to kill the same animals of their specie but what is happening here in Africa with our enlightened men & women? Even animals in our forests are more worried of us than anything else. How many innocent elephants have we killed in our forests? How many innocent birds have we denied habitat and survivor by destroying their habitats?

Itís very unfortunate that Africa has betrayed God. God gave us life but we are busy destroying it. How many innocent lives have we destroyed in uncalled for conflicts on African continent? God created the Garden of Eden for us with all species of plants and animals. How many species are facing extinction because of our carelessness and encroachment? How many trees are we cutting everyday without caring about the replacement? God gave us fresh water bodies, swamps, lakes, rivers, streams and springs how much are we caring for them. We are busy reclaiming the swamps and dumping toxic materials in our water bodies even water levels are going down in some of our lakes. Some of our rivers and springs have dried up. What are we waiting for, AID?

Iím appealing for support from every God fearing person to support my efforts of:

Compelling the government of the Republic of Uganda to make Uganda the greenest country in the whole world by planting trees in every part of Uganda.

1) Plant fruits on both sides of all the roads in Uganda

2) extend electricity to all rural areas of Uganda and make it affordable for the poor communities.

3) plant trees on all bare mountains in Uganda

4) regulate the cutting down of trees on private farms

5) compel local leaders in Uganda to provide the number of all trees to a national data centre at least twice a year so that we can know how many trees we need for fuel each year without hurting our environment.

4) to make it mandatory for every Ugandan who is five years and above to plant at least 24 trees each year

5) to use government security agencies to protect all public trees on public land from being cut anyhow

6) to secure a government nursery garden in every county in Uganda where to raise tree seedlings.

Please let us wake up from the deepest sleep! Let us shake off the laziness, let us start moving forward, let us reclaim our African pride, let us all join our hands to save Godís Creation. The young and the old, the poor and the rich, the educated and the illiterate, the short and the tall, the light skinned and the black, politicians, Religious leaders, The traditional leaders, every human soul of African this is the time! This is our African responsibility to restore Godís Creation which are responsible for destroying. We canít wait an longer .GOD TAKE AWAY OUR BEGGING CULTURE, DAY DREAMING, IRRESPONSIBILITY,TIME WASTAGE,LAZINESS AND ALL OTHER WEAKNESSES. LET AFRICA RISE AND SHINE. GIVE US PRIDE. IN GODíS NAME, I PRAY.

Mwine Derrick.


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