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      The things he makes me feel..=)


Iv had a relationship for 3 and a half years we had our bads and our goods..mostly were crazyy! times why? because the things he made me feel were very special...every time i new i was doing somthing wrong.. my heart said it was right because i had him on my side..i was only 16 and he was 19 we knew this couldnt happen but it just made it more exciting for us! why? my parents didnt like him ( they still dont) and his family just tought that i was just an interested girl (chikana)like they call them in mexico but they would not understand what we felt for each other, we always did everything to see us i skiped skul and he would not go to work we loved just going the lake, eating icecream and going to the fairs....he made me feel special the most beautiful girl...our love was so intense once we got in trouble because my teacher had called my parents aabout me missing skul to many times! my mom went crazy!!! she also thought i has spent the night at his house because dat day i woke up really early to go eat at waffle house before going to skul and she didnt find me in bed!well as you see she had enough and called the cops but they never did anything to him cuz he never came with me to the house, this just made it worst for me cuz i couldt see him i missed him so much =( ...there was juust so many things to remember of him, when we even made love..he made me feel we went to heaven it was with so much passion the kisses..the love we felt..i just felt so gulity because of all the things my parents would try to do against him..and he always told me.."someday you will become part of my world completly without any disturbs on our sides" while he huged me and cleaned my tears...time past and i left to peru for vacations we were still together i turnes 18 and he was 21 there was nothing that could stop us after my month vacation..but once again everything was planed to o let my return back they hid my passport they made my life miserable but i leaned to God so much that i work so hard just to come back of course we would talk on the phone and he would tell me he will always wait for mee ...and he loves me till the end gave me the strength to fight for what i wanted.."HIM"..I completed my dream and came back saved money and again lied to my familiy saying that i had finished with him for guud of course it was a lie..but the way hye made me feel had no end to what i could do for him and him for me...supporting all the stuff my parents had done to him he was still there.thats how I knew he loved im 19 and hes about to be 23 we have been living together for a year now and we are so happy my parents are ok know but not completely i said sorry to all my family fdor lying and now I have a god relationship with everybody specially my grandma the one who raised my shes my everything and her forgivness was very important to me im happy we stook up for our love in every in skul again and he is still working harder for a better future for us...there are no words to say how much i love him and respect him as my fionce now! yes we are getting married not now but later on! after we acomplish our complete dream always having God as our if you love someone with al your heart fight for what you think its possible without hurting the ones you love..we learn from our mistakes to get better and even though im so young my heart is so big and open because of who beleived in me all along and new we would come along...i can never stop saying I loe you baby every single day because i know we have to enjoy very single day of our lives since we struggled so much to be together...all these things are the feelings he makes me have when im with him..its different its just me and him all the love poems and compositions i made to him are not enough to tell him how much i love my heart beats fasr everytime we that love flame will never end because...our hearts are together..and how our love has made the world around us look different for good...I love you baby...=)


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