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      When you meet the right one


When you meet a guy, and you fall head over heels you know this has got to be love.

This happened to me 5 years ago...I was 16 and in college. I met the man of my dreams. He loved me and cared for me and took care of me in ways that I never thought possible. He made me into this woman. I entered school as a young girl and he turned me into a woman. I loved him so very much, and he loved me. But the truth was, our differences were too big and our love was not enough. But we kept trying, 2 years into the relationship he moved far away and we remained a couple. Many thought we would definitely make it...they saw us as the perfect couple (little did they know the imperfections that we had behind closed doors). But he was my life and I wanted it so bad that I tried it all. Until that one night when I knew it was over. He just wasn't the one for me and his infidelity was the breaking point. So I moved on. I became the strong, independent woman that I always dreamed of.

I was in my last year at college and I had time for myself as well as time for my friends. My life was in order again...or so I thought. It was time for God to take charge. And I mean this in every sense of the word. God knew my ex wasn't the one for me. He had the right one right underneath my nose. For years, I was friends with this man. I loved him dearly and he was always there for me when I needed him. And boy can he dance!! He was my friend and that is what I always needed. Our attraction was always there, but nothing ever happened because we both knew that I could not be unfaithful. After I broke up with my first, Alex was there for me. He loved and cared for me. And God showed me that he was the one. God had chosen this man, Alex to be my life partner. I gave into my feelings and I have never looked back. My happiness is more today than ever before. He loves me for me and has never tried to change me. When I am with him I am complete and when we are apart I count the days until I am going to see him again.

To the love of my life, Alex...te amo mi amor.

Everyone, please believe in yourself and in your feelings. Trust your heart and never let go....but trust your mind and listen to both. God has a plan for you. And He knows our happiness.


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