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      My love story


i met my boyfrend a year in a half ago and i never thout dat i was gna love him as much as i do now, ive 1st had thout dat i wasnt gna last dat much with him,but now i realized how much i love him. Dat 1st time we went out we had last a month and 2weeks. but den i broke up with him bcuss he was cheating on mi:( but den i realized how much i missed talking to him and being in his arms i guess it wass wen i was starting to fall deep 4him.and den we went back out again and i was really happy:).. den we kept braking up and going back out again&again like around 8 times haha but dat was bcuss we loved each other so much and we didnt wanted no one to have each other. then dis 7th time dat we went out,he was staying in T.X 4 a lil while, everything wass sooooo sooo perfect btween me and him, we would talk EVERYY night and tex every Day and i was loving him even more!!! he always made mi happy n so special on everything he would tell mee HE WAS THE WORLD TO MEE!!! not till he came back to da home town. he started to hang around with his homies and started to smoke again after he promised me dat he was gna stop 4me&also he was still gang banging, and not jst dat but also he had 4gotten all bout me.. i always tried to find him sumwer but naw i didnt never found him main i missed him soooo much i was goin krazie 4him, and i even cried 4him and i would always rememberd his wrds wen i would tell him "i hope everything comes out good btween us now mijo" and he would tell me "naw baby is not HOPEFULLY IS dat everything IS GOING TO COME OUT RIGHT" o my god does wrds would make me miss him even more an i would cry over it. IT end it up dat now his locked up. and 1 of his frend had tolled me dat my love had a letter 4 me:) OMG I WAS REALLY EXCITED AND DEN A FEW MINS. I RECIVED A CALL 4RM HIM... HE WAS CALLING ME 4RM JAIL... even doe he made a mistake with mee i still gave him another chancee! now we be sending letters to each other:)))) i love hem soo much dat im ready to do anything 4him! better wrds my future is with him & also RIDE WITH HIM TILL DA END!!!!!!!!!!


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